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    What are hardback lampshades and softback lampshades? 
    Hardback lampshades usually have a hard liner of either styrene or paper.  Usually, a hardback lamp shade has a top ring and a bottom ring.  Full frames are normally used in shaped shades like squares and bell rectangles.  These lamp shades come in a wide variety of fabrics, sizes, and colors.  Hardback lampshades are used more for hotel, hospitality, motel and restaurant applications. The life expectancy of hardback lamp shades are generally ten to fifteen years.


    Softback lampshades has a metal frame lined with fabric interior and covered with a variety of fabrics on its exterior, such as Silk, Shantung, Linen, Muslin, and even Burlap are a few of the fabrics that can be used. Softback lamp shades also come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.   The softback lampshades are used by better lighting companies to finish off their most desirable lamps as well as finer hotels, hospitalies or casinos. The life expectancy of softback lampshades is generally twenty or more years.


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